Haverstraw Beach State Park, NY
Park Information
Haverstraw Beach State Park is a component of the larger Rockland Lake State Park complex. The park is just north of the Rockland Lake golf course, on the east side of Route 9W.

In 1780, American General Benedict Arnold and the British spy John André exchanged the plans to West Point at Haverstraw Beach. A stone marker identifies the placewhere Andre landed. This site, the location of an early town named Snedeker's Landing, is also known as the oldest shipyard in Rockland County. It built barges to ferry brick from the nearby brickyards in Haverstraw to New York.

Open: Dawn till Dusk.
Things To Do & See
Haverstraw Beach is a popular place to fish and enjoy views of Haverstraw Bay, the widest point of the Hudson River. It is also a popular place for biking and walking. The Hook Mountain/Nyack Beach Bikeway is easily accessible from Haverstraw Beach.
Dog Walking
The Hook Mountain - Nyack Beach bike path runs directly through the heart of Haverstraw Beach Park. There is a small parking area at the north end or you can enter from the south at Rockland Lake or Nyack Beach.
The bike path is also an excellent place for a walk along the Hudson River. Bald Eagles are regularly seen by walkers along the trail.
The paved path at Haverstraw Beach is an excellent place to bring your dog. Remember, dogs must be on leash for their safety and the safety of other park patrons.
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